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Profit by changing behaviour


Maverick Thinking

Maverick Thinking is unorthodox or independent minded thought that challenges the assumptions we make about ourselves and the constraints others put on us.

What is Maverick Thinking?

Maverick thinking is unorthodox or independent minded thought that challenges the assumptions we make about ourselves and the constraints others put on us. Maverick thinking breaks through these limitations and enables individuals, teams and organizations to excel beyond what might be considered reasonable.

As each hurdle to higher performance arises, maverick thinking enables it to be sidestepped or cleared and converts each negative constraint into a positive experience.

Maverick thinking is an exciting, slightly scary way of viewing the world as an endless series of possibilities combined with the knowledge that you have the ability to think in the right way to make those that excite you most happen.

Maverick thinking is about doing

It is not enough to simply decide to do something. You have to do it. Extreme performance is achieved by taking a thousand myriad steps towards the goal. In the marathon example, that may start with running between two lamp posts and walking between the next two. It all starts somewhere.

In the same way, changing the culture of a business starts with the changing the culture of a team. At some point you have to do the work! Success is not achieved through excuses.

What it does?

Maverick thinking helps ordinary people achieve extraordinary results.

Maverick thinking recontextualises your world - it forces you to re-evaluate what you once thought of as good and motivates you to set new, higher standards of performance.

Maverick thinking challenges your perception enabling you to see complete different and new perspectives that enable new possibilities you never thought possible.

Maverick thinking helps you create what seem at the outset unreasonable expectations of yourself and others and shifts the mindset from impossible, to possible to probable to done! Maverick thinking helps you deal with the negativity of those around you who say ‘it can’t be done; there isn’t the budget; there isn’t the time; you could never do it.’

Maverick thinking doesn’t stop with the big idea, it helps you work through the detail that enables high level performance.

Maverick thinking is contagious – once you’ve reframed the perspective – it creates a positive contagion that impacts on the world around you.

Maverick thinking changes the view others have of you. As levels of performance increase, it simply becomes 'who you are', not what you were. The aura of performance credibility becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.


How it works?

The success we experience is often enabled or constrained by the first few thoughts we have about something.

Let's use the example of running a marathon. Once we decide we can't run a marathon, then thereafter our actions and behaviours are defined by the fact we can’t do it. If you can breakthrough the thinking that is constraining your performance, then it ceases to be a question of I can’t and instead becomes possible. Disciplined execution converts that possibility to probability. Along the way, many hurdles will emerge, such as training injuries, pressure at work, family issues and so on. Each of these can erode our original decision and motivation. By employing maverick thinking tools and techniques each of these constraints is managed or dealt with and often converted to a positive. As each hurdle is passed, it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy and before you know where you are you’ve crossed the line. What once seemed impossible has been done.

The same holds true for working with individuals and teams in business. Free them from their constrained thinking and awesome results are possible. Sometimes it’s a simple as shifting thinking from 'no' to 'maybe'.

Even better, once we have achieved our impossible goal, what was once impossible is now simply normal. From the perspective of others, that’s simply ‘what you do’. The game changes. New impossible goals can be set.