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Case Study - Engaging Leadership

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Client: Centrica Storage

Industry sector: Energy

Where? UK

What was the issue? In any business requiring very high levels of technical expertise, there is a danger that people lose sight of the strategic direction of the business through focussing mainly on technical issues. The power of logic does not always align well with the factors that develop and maintain the engagement of people within the business. The need was to develop the leaders of the business to lift their heads out of the detail and have an eye on the strategic ambitions of the business and to engage the workforce to achieve the outcomes sought.

How did we know? Analysis by the new MD combined with the poor engagement scores in the employee surveys supported by in-depth interviews with a number of people within the business and the results of 360 degree feedback.

What we did: Key for us was that the business owned the development process. We set in place a long term development programme that combined a series of workshops addressing specific dimensions of leadership with members of the senior leadership team coaching delegates. In addition, delegates buddied up to support each other between learning interventions. The workshops were interactive and focused on the business challenges they faced, linking behavioural dimensions of performance with business results.

What we achieved: Engagement scores rose to 59% from 42% along with an increase in the response rate. During the reporting period, lost-time incidents fell to zero. The business achieved a 2 star rating in the Best Companies Accreditation and was placed 64th in the Sunday Times Best Places to Work.

Key factors: The integration of consideration of behavioural dimensions of business performance as part of strategic thinking is key to success. Getting people to support each other as well as creating cross-functional teams helps drive an integrated approach to business success that promotes a broader understanding and a greater level of empathy for others. Ultimately, the best focus for any development programme is real, relevant and significant business issues against which performance is being measured.



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