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Profit by changing behaviour


Case Study - Leadership and Values

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Client: Heineken

Industry sector: Brewing

Where? Global

What was the issue? The organisation had gone through substantial change and poor leadership in one function which had led to a poor reputation within the business and a highly political culture within the function. There was a need to establish a way of working likely to result in far more service delivery to the business.

The research: Members of the leadership team were interviewed to understand their perspective as to why things had got as bad as they had and to understand their perspective of what good looked like both in terms of what the function should be doing and how it should be doing it.

What we did: We set about in the first instance creating a shared understanding of the way things were. We then worked with the leadership team to define how they needed to behave if the function was to become effective. Standards were agreed and consequences of non-compliance defined. At each meeting performance was reviewed against the criteria. Performance measures relating to the desired behaviour were built into the performance management system. Over time stories related to the positive experience of operating in the new way were gathered to reinforce the cascade of the behaviours across the function.

What we achieved: Much higher levels of engagement were achieved with the leadership team and throughout the function. The cascade process involving the use of DIY behavioural principles sessions provided a vehicle for calling out inappropriate behaviour as well as helping people translate the behaviours into specific actions as they related to their personal targets. In time the business perception of the function became more positive through the more effective and efficient delivery of results.

Lessons we learned: Behaviour change works best through experiencing the effectiveness of different behaviours. It takes time to build the experience and like all skills requires practice. Using a business issue as a medium for testing behaving in different ways is incredibly powerful. Done this way it converts the experience from one of ‘fine words’ to ‘lived experience’.


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