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Case Study - CEO Conference

Expand this page to see how we helped Tetra Pak create a 1.5 day conference attracting CEOs from some of the world's biggest juice and dairy companies...

Client: Tetra Pak

Industry sector: Packaging

Where? Austria

What was the issue? The brief was to create a 1.5 day conference whose content would attract CEOs from some of the world’s biggest companies operating in the juice and dairy sector to attend.

The research: We analysed the conference market to assess the current provision in order to create something unique, relevant and compelling.

What we did: We created a learning journey based on understanding consumers of tomorrow. We steered away from speculative futurists and focused on what the evidence of today tells us about what we can expect tomorrow. For example, looking at demographic data; examining changes in business strategy and considering the workplace requirements of future employees. We recruited the leading thinkers in each of the areas covered to present.

What we achieved: For the conference to proceed, we needed 115 of the 125 CEOs invited to accept the invitation. This target was successfully exceeded.

Key factors: The CEO population is unique in that it is the only role in a business that is not subject area specific. CEOs are expected to have a broad view of the factors likely to influence trade and make a judgement about what they think will happen. An evidenced based approach to examining the future was a compelling proposition.



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