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Case Study - Innovation

We've worked with many clients over the years to improve their innovation processes. For just one example, expand this page to find out how we helped Tetra Pak...

Client: Tetra Pak and its key customers

Industry sector: Juice and dairy

Where? Saudi Arabia, Russia and Italy

What was the issue? The need to build a stronger working relationship to facilitate a greater number of product innovations in the market

How did we know? Initial brief from Tetra Pak followed by interviews with key customer personnel on expectations and issues

What we did: Developed an innovation process for joint working that capitalised on the intellectual capability and knowledge of each organisation involved. This included a preparation phase identifying target markets, current levels of knowledge about the consumers and a shared understanding of each organisation’s innovation pipeline. A workshop followed with the specific brief of delivering high quality co-developed ideas to take forward for further evaluation

What we achieved: Epiphanies has delivered this process on many occasions. Each iteration has resulted in a number of product innovations some of which have successfully found their way onto the shelves

Key factors: Preparation is key. The sharper the focus for the innovation process the better the result. Success is significantly more likely if the right people are in the room. Interestingly, the main challenge is not coming up with new ideas but letting go of pre-existing assumptions.

If you want to understand more about the way Epiphanies think about innovation read Dom's article on Reducing the Barriers to Open Innovation.

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