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Case Study - Managing Effective Partner Relations

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Client: Centrica

Industry sector: Energy

Where? UK

What was the issue? The business was shifting to an outsourced model for the provision of business support services. There was a varying ability within the business to operate effectively in this way which potentially increased the levels of risk. It was important for the business to develop strong, sustainable effective working relationships with key suppliers. There was a need to both up skill some people and also ensure a common approach that maximised the potential benefits whilst mitigating the potential risks.

How did we know? Having worked with the Board for a number of years as well as several of the other key functions we had a good insight into the strategic ambitions of the board and the culture of the business. We had learned through analysis and experience the most effective way of engaging people in behaviour change in this business.

What we did: We believed the business should own the knowledge and capability sought. We therefore utilised in-house expertise and identified examples from within the business of very effective working relationships with suppliers as role models for what was required. We created networking experiences that brought suppliers, the board and other senior leaders together in a forum where issues could be explored. This led to some challenging but very productive discussions.

What we achieved: This was widely regarded as the most successful programme in Centrica’s history and achieved an NOA award in 2010 & 2011

Key factors: It was critical that suppliers saw this as a safe environment in which they could be honest about their working relationship with Centrica.
In designing this intervention we set out with Centrica to make the experience a role model of best practice using the same principles we intended applying to other suppliers of the business.



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