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Case Study - Work Place Coaching

Expand this page to see how we helped Royal Mail redefine its Work Place Coaching role...

Client: Royal Mail

Industry sector: Logistics

Where? UK

What was the issue? The ‘Work Place Coach’ role had been created to support front line staff, helping them improve their effectiveness and efficiency. Over time the purpose and scope of the role had become unclear for many. The competence and capability required for the role were not always taken into account when selecting people. With several thousand people in this role and some significant issues that needed to be addressed, more needed to be made of this role.

There were four requirements:
1) To clarify for people what the role entailed
2) To illustrate how effective the role could be when applied to a specific business issue
3) Inspire people to actively opt in to the role, or
4) Provide an opportunity for those no longer interested to respectfully withdraw from the role

The research: We analysed what the role was meant to be. Then we identified a significant business ‘pain point’ that be addressed effectively through work place coaching.

What we did: Given the many people who needed to receive this update / training input we designed a workshop that could be delivered to several hundred people in one go. We utilised line managers to help run experiential sessions to help bring the role alive for people. By using a real and relevant business example we were able to demonstrate the power lots of small amounts of coaching input could have on business perfomance.

What we achieved: In using a business issue that many of them had as part of their personal objectives we were able to provide them with a mechanism and process for addressing under-performance issues.

Key factors: Having a business goal as the focus for learning and development helps ensure learning is very relevant and transferrable. Even better if that goal is something against which people are being measured.



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