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Founding partner of people development consultancy, Epiphanies LLP and record-breaking ultra-distance cyclist, Dominic Irvine and leading sports scientist, Professor Simon Jobson, have co-written a new book entitled ‘Ultra-Distance Cycling:  An Expert Guide to Endurance Cycling’. Writing from experience the duo were keen to publish a book on applying business principles to sport, which enabled two amateur athletes to succeed where Olympians have failed.

Ultra-Distance Cycling is both experience and science based, offering practical and performance enhancing insights on a wide range of areas, whilst nominally a book on cycling, it offers much more, as the principles within are the same as those required to help transform employees in organisations to achieve extraordinary results.

Ultra-distance events are among some of the greatest challenges a cyclist can face, with riders spending hundreds of miles in the saddle over a 24-hour period, battling the elements and overcoming both physical and mental hardships. What was once elite is now commonplace. Today thousands of dedicated riders cycle up to and over 100 miles on ultra-distance rides every week, drawn to the challenge of ‘nonstop’ endurance cycling and major events.

The book capitalises on Dominic’s business experience and how he used this to drive his sporting success. Dominic Irvine was part of the winning duo to smash the iconic Lands End to John O’Groats tandem record – the team managed to complete the epic challenge in a remarkable 45 hours 11 minutes, averaging 18.7mph and beating the record by a staggering five hours, succeeding where several Olympians had failed. Dominic believes sport has much to learn from business rather than the commonly held view about sport educating business.

The book took 18 months to write, five years to research and built on Dominic’s two decades of working with businesses to help improve their performance as well as his experience as an ultra-distance cyclist. The book includes insights into mental preparation, teamwork, work-life balance, PR and sponsorship, nutrition, as well as sections on equipment and fitness. This definitive manual also provides riders with everything they need to ride longer and faster, and to excel at ultra-distance cycling events. Many of the tools and techniques explained are as applicable in business as they are in sport.

Dominic Irvine commented on how the book came into being:  “When the idea of a training bike ride from London to Paris to have lunch and then turn around and ride home again, seems like a good idea, it’s probably time to share the lessons with others.” Recognising the immense amount of time it had taken to research the many facets of high performance Dominic felt he had a duty to share the lessons to prevent anyone else having to go through the same pain and to enable them to build on what he had learnt.

“This book very much draws on my own experience regarding performance and innovation and how ordinary people can deliver extraordinary results, by changing the way they think about what they do.”

Ultra-distance Cycling: An Expert Guide to Endurance Cycling by Simon Jobson & Dominic Irvine is published 6 April, 2017 by Bloomsbury, priced £18.99/ £14.99 eBook.


13 June 2016:

Dom is featured in an article entitled 'Winning strategies for the summer of sport' written by Edwin Smith published in Aviva's Workplace Focus today.


10 May 2016:

Can you count it? the latest edition of Epiphanies - In Tandem is out now.  In Tandem contains snippets of information we've come across in our work supporting individuals and teams seeking to improve their performance in business.  If you would like to receive this, contact us and we will send you a copy by email.


5 September 2015:

As if 606kms and 16,000m of ascent were not enough, riders in one of the world's toughest non-stop ultradistance ride had to cope with heavy rain, thunderstorms and in the high Dolomites, snow. No stranger to long distance following the Lands End to John O'Groats tandem record earlier in the year Dominic Irvine completed the ride to take first place in the solo unsupported category coming 8th overall beating many supported solo riders and teams of riders. Chapeau.


31 May 2015:

Dominic's blog "Well I never knew that" has been published in the printed version of HR Director magazine.  If you want a copy just let us know and we will mail one to you.

11 May 2015:

Dominic was interviewed by Julian Clegg at BBC Radio Solent. Listen from 01:55 to hear Dominic describe his approach and experience when breaking the End to End Tandem Record. 

7 May 2015: LEJOG Tandem Record smashed!

Dominic Irvine and Charlie Mitchell completed the Tandem Challenge in record breaking time just before 4am this morning in a time of 45 hours and 11 minutes. Here is a selection of reports on the End to End Tandem Record:

BBC Scotland News

Cycling Weekly

The Mirror





20 April 2015: Cycling Epiphanies










Last weekend we took the chance to catch up with customers, business colleagues and friends and cycled 115 miles round Hampshire lanes.  This was in preparation for our third Cycling Epiphanies networking event.  On 27 - 29 June we will be networking and cycling 330 miles from Grenoble to Nice.

6 April 2015: Hear Dom's actionable interview on Excellence Expected that will help your business excel today!

Mark Asquith of Excellence Expected interviews Dom on what innovation really means to you and your business.

6 March 2015: ILM Edge

Johanna was interviewed by Steve Hemsley for his article “Should junior managers be coached?” in the Institute of Leadership & Management magazine.

1 March 2015:  Tandem Challenge

Dominic Irvine will make his third attempt to break the long-standing record for non-stop cycling on a tandem from Land’s End to John O’Groats in two months' time. An interview with Dom is featured in Tandem Times in the March issue of Cycling World, the feature starts on page 104. Dom and his tandem cycling partner Charlie Mitchell feature on the front cover too.

27 February 2015:  Epiphanies in the Times Raconteur

The Raconteur Talent Management supplement was published in yesterday’s Times and it included several paragraphs of comment from Dom on employer branding in a large piece by Ed Smith.

29 January 2015:  Five minutes with Dominic ...

FM World, the official fortnightly magazine of the British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM), has featured Dominic and an overview of his Productively Lazy article in their January 2015 issue.  'Productively Lazy' was also featured in HR Bullets.

In fact January was a busy month of writing for our Partners: Constants in Leadership written by both Dominic and Johanna was featured in The HR Director.

Dominic continues to write on the topic of Innovation and has been published in Fresh Business Thinking; The Huffington Post and BDaily Business News.

10 December 2014:  Frankincense and Myrrh...

As we approach Christmas everyone knows the story of the three wise men and their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

But how much do we really know about those gifts themselves…?

Most people know what gold looks like, but would you recognise the other two if you saw them, and if so would you know what to do with them?

Here’s a short video that reveals all - consider it a seasonal gift from the team at Epiphanies.




Social Media Workshops

22 October 2014

Dominic and the team have been working hard with social media specialist James Whatley to develop a workshop exploring the ways in which we should be thinking about Social Media to help create value.

The workshop is being held in Lund in early November and is being run on behalf of Tetra Pak.

James is a fascinating chap with a great blog at Check it out.

If you're interested in finding out more, contact


Drink Coffee to be more innovative...?

16 October 2014

We were having a look around TED to enrich our understanding of all things innovative, and came across this great talk that you might enjoy.

The message is drink coffee to be more innovative... Well ok it's a bit more sophisticated than that, but if having watched you would like to meet up for a coffee and talk through some ideas, get in touch:


Performance workshops – keeping it fresh

6 October 2014

Jo and Dom have been very busy over recent weeks helping teams improve the way they work together in order to achieve ever higher levels of performance. It's always a real pleasure to work with a team over a number of years to see how they improve. It also keeps us on our toes as we devise new and engaging ways of running these workshops to keep it fresh, real, relevant and above all productive for those teams with whom we have a long term relationship.

Coming up on the horizon is a new area for us. We are working with a leading expert on Social Media to understand how to ensure things like Facebook, Twitter and all the other social platforms should be used in support of more traditional business activities. We'll update you more on this in due course.


The Guardian features Dominic’s thoughts on standing up for better meetings

1 October 2014

Dominic was quoted by Guardian journalist Alison Coleman this week in an article about the value of meetings - ‘Meetings: essential for sharing ideas or a waste of time?’

In his comments for the piece, Dominic argues for the merits of holding ‘stand up’ meetings, primarily for the simple reason that it avoids any under-the-desk digital distractions:

“You should stand up for your meetings. It’s hard to use laptops when standing. iPads or their equivalent are not much easier. Smart phones are the easiest of all but their use when standing is much more conspicuous than when seated behind a table.

“The benefits of standing go way beyond maintaining focus on the discussion at hand. According to some research done in the late 90s, stand-up meetings produce decisions just as good as sit-down meetings but in far less time.”

Read more of Dominic’s thoughts on standing up for better meetings in his recent blog on the subject -



Understanding the Consumers of Tomorrow

28 August 2014

It’s always good to know more about your consumers. Whether it’s the trends likely to influence them, or how to engage with each different generation of consumer in the most effective way – a better understanding of who your consumers are today and what will influence them in the future will help increase the success of your business.

The Epiphanies team is looking forward to heading to Italy next month to facilitate an interactive, practical workshop we have designed for a global food packaging client: Understanding the Consumers of Tomorrow.

If you're interested in finding out more, contact



Dominic looks forward to appearing at IBLive! conference

24 July 2014

Dominic talks about why he is supporting the Ingenious Britain Live! event as a guest speaker.

The event is a celebration of UK business offering two days of mentoring, advice and networking possibilities, taking place on 4-5 September at Millennium Point in Birmingham.


Peak performance

21 July 2014

Congratulations to Epiphanies partner Nigel Harrison, who successfully scaled Europe’s highest peak Mont Blanc this weekend.

It was Nigel’s third attempt at reaching the 4,810m summit, having been thwarted by bad weather on two previous occasions. His efforts are a reminder of the determination required to work towards ambitious goals and the satisfaction that comes from achieving them.


Press Coverage - Ignites Europe

21 July 2014

In this article entitled 'What Germany’s win can teach fund staff', Dominic provides comment on the business lessons that can be learnt from sporting achievements:

(registration required)


Press Coverage - The Professional

16 July 2014

In an article entitled 'From Changing Room to Board Room', Claire Elsley interviews Dominic Irvine on the relationship between sport and business.


Inspiring the Future

03 July 2014

Keen to share his insights and wisdom with the next generation of business leaders, Dominic had the pleasure of visiting The Malling School in Kent earlier this week.

As part of the school’s ‘Careers Week’ Dominic talked to students, detailing his experiences working with blue chip companies around the world and examining how ordinary people can do extraordinary things.

The session was arranged by Speakers for Schools, an independent UK charity that provides state secondary schools and colleges talks from a range of industry leading professionals and academics.

If you’re interested in finding out more, contact Dominic -


Press coverage - ILM Edge