We are a U.K. based learning and development consultancy. We help people think and act profitably. We do this through developing their knowledge and skills in innovation, management and leadership. We focus on driving sustainable improvement in business performance. We work with individuals, teams and organizations around the world. To find out how we can help please:

Email the.team@epiphaniesllp.com, or call +44 (0) 1943 430164


We design interventions based on the outcome you seek, your current position and the culture of your business.


Helping individuals, teams and organisations shift their performance from ordinary to extraordinary.


Helping people become effective at managing themselves and others through the way they behave, the things they choose to do and when they choose to do them.


Helping people understand and feel, motivated, confident and in control to drive through organisational change effectively and efficiently.


Developing the knowledge, skills and attitude in individuals that enable them to lead others to do what’s required, by when, in the way that’s necessary, because they want to do it.


Challenging the way people think and what they do through innovation tools and techniques in order to solve problems or create opportunities and drive change.



Dominic Irvine

Dominic is the main man when it comes to creative thinking and big stage stuff. He has built an enviable reputation as an international speaker and facilitator. Dominic founded Epiphanies at the end of 2001. His areas of particular interest are innovation and individual and team performance.

Nigel Harrison

Nigel is our expert on customer acquisition and relationship management. Prior to joining us Nigel was a senior leader with a recognised global leader in the Financial Services sector. Nigel’s primary role at Epiphanies is to oversee our client strategy and to ensure that we continue to deliver maximum value to our customers.

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