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We are Epiphanies and were established in 1999 with the ambition  to share our knowledge so that people think and act profitably. We combine extensive in-depth experience of supporting leadership development at the highest levels in multinational organisations with a track record in world record breaking sporting performance and the in-depth understanding that comes from doctoral and post-doctoral level research. 

In short, we know what it takes to succeed against the odds.  We will help your people develop the habits and routines that will enable the highest levels of performance, and we help executive teams create an organisational context that makes high performance the natural consequence.

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Dr Dominic Irvine

Dom is the founding member of Epiphanies LLP. Dom works with individuals, teams and organizations around the world.

Dom has a proven capability to help people arrive at positive, action oriented, future focused outcomes. He has designed and delivered leadership programmes in over 30 countries (all in English, sometimes through translators). He’s been privileged to work with companies operating in a wide range of industry sectors. Dom has worked with the boards of several multinational companies facilitating strategic and team development. Dom has a research background in international business and globalisation.

Record breaking results:

By way of practising what he preaches, Dom set himself the challenge of applying the lessons in leadership and performance he uses with others to enable ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results. In May 2015 along with his riding partner and support team he set a new tandem cycling record for cycling one end of the UK to the other completing the 842 miles in a time of 45 hours and 11 minutes, succeeding where Olympians and others had failed. Dom understands what it takes to achieve elite levels of performance.


In addition to writing regularly for The Huffington Post, HR Director, BDaily and other online and paper based publications on a range of management and leadership topics, Dom has also contributed chapters to books on globalization of the leisure industry and has co-authored a highly regarded book related to his non-work area of expertise – ultra-distance cycling with Professor Simon Jobson

Simon Jobson

Professor Emeritus Simon Jobson

Simon has been coaching competitive cyclists for ~20 years, guiding many athletes to achieve their high performance ambitions. In this time, Simon has supported Tour de France cyclists, an eight times National Masters champion and Dom’s record breaking ‘end to end’ tandem success.

Simon combines his academic expertise with his practical skills to help individuals and teams optimise their performance and achieve their goals. As the founding Dean of the Faculty of Health and Wellbeing at the University of Winchester, UK, Simon led a team of 150+ academics and administrative staff across multiple disciplines.

Managing a multi-million-pound budget, Simon was responsible for ensuring the academic success of 1000+ students, the research success of busy academics and significant consultancy income generation.


Simon is a world leading authority in cycling science and has published more than 100 articles, abstracts and reviews in the scientific literature, articles in the popular press and numerous book chapters. Simon has also co-authored two books, the first entitled “Performance Cycling”, and the second, written with Dom, “Ultra-distance Cycling”.

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