Our Approach

Our Approach

Common to many elite athletes and some of the most successful leaders, is a focus on developing habits and routines that enable high performance. These athletes recognise that as pressure increases, we default to our habits, and so they focus on habitualizing high performance. “We are what we repeatedly do.” Excellence is not an act, but a habit”. There are things we can learn to do in the moment to improve our ability to cope with pressure and there are activities that if done repeatedly will, over time, result in habits and routines that will improve our ability to deliver under pressure. We help people learn how to optimise their greatest asset - themselves! We help people learn and experience at first hand how the way they look after themselves directly impacts on their ability to perform in the workplace including the ability to manage others. By combining our expertise with the use of technologies, we equip people to excel at work enabling them to take control of their performance through their:

  • Ability to focus
  • Mental workload capacity
  • Resilience under pressure
  • Physical and mental fitness for work
  • Memory and how to improve storage and recall 

This unique combination of leadership insights and optimisation of physiological responses enables people to significantly improve their workplace performance and ultimately improve business results.

We help leadership teams create the organisational context to drive the overall performance of employees. Performance exists in a context and context drives behaviour. 

Some of the biggest changes in employee performance can come from creating the right working environment, for example, through organisation culture and effective goal setting.