Stand Up for Better Meetings

Dominic was quoted by Guardian journalist Alison Coleman this week in an article about the value of meetings – ‘Meetings: essential for sharing ideas or a waste of time?’

In his comments for the piece, Dominic argues for the merits of holding ‘stand up’ meetings, primarily for the simple reason that it avoids any under-the-desk digital distractions:

“You should stand up for your meetings. It’s hard to use laptops when standing. iPads or their equivalent are not much easier. Smart phones are the easiest of all but their use when standing is much more conspicuous than when seated behind a table.

“The benefits of standing go way beyond maintaining focus on the discussion at hand. According to some research done in the late 90s, stand-up meetings produce decisions just as good as sit-down meetings but in far less time.”

Read more of Dominic’s thoughts on standing up for better meetings in his recent blog on the subject –